There are a lot of reasons to travel, you would find a lot of travelers traveling for interesting reasons. Young backpackers would go traveling for a year and that’s what they call it a ‘gap year’, some would travel to get away from the routine. Being able to meet different people from all around the world had me listen to their stories and I found there are quite a few unusual reasons that I have to share.


Here are 10 unusual reasons to travel long term.

1. To heal a broken heart through travel

You might have heard of this or even thought of it before when you ended a failed relationship. It sounds cool and it is true that there are a lot of travelers out there doing this, they choose to treat their broken heart in a different way. It’s because when you travel, you tend to put more focus on a lot of other things than about your past, and the ultimate point is that you get to meet new people!


2. To meditate

While you can meditate at your home or any nearby places, there are people choose to do it anywhere they want. For instance, once I met a man from Haiti who told me that he travels anywhere to meditate since he has been doing it for years he speaks 4 languages now. He found that this works better for him to meditate in a new location with a new environment.


3. To overcome depression

Travel could overcome depression. It has proven by a Brazilian that I met in Nicaragua where he affirmed that he used to overwork during his younger age and got depression. Eventually, he found traveling made him step away from depression and since then, he keeps traveling whenever he has time. A word from him, “It’s absolutely fine not working for a year, go travel.”


4. To fall in love

Many people might want to seek love during travel, unfortunately, this kind of love hardly could last long. However there is always an exception that I witnessed a woman travel specifically in Costa Rica to fall in love, she eventually found a man (who was traveling as well) and now they are married and have a daughter. It happens when you truly believe in something.


5. To learn a new language

This is not about going to a language school and living in a foreign country. This is starting from scratch and travel at the same time. Set an aim for yourself to learn the language because traveling is the fastest way to pick up a language.


6. To find out the next step

Just as high school graduate taking a gap year before going to university. If you’ve lost your job or deliberately quit your job and not doing anything at the moment, this is the best time to go for a travel to open your mind while figuring what you should do next. travel helps you to know yourself more and it is a good way to find out what you want to do next.


7. To not going back

Travelers that are addicted to traveling already adapted to a non-stop kind of travel lifestyle. It has become part of them to not going back home, they would go everywhere in the world but not going home. I was surprised when I met a person who left home since he was eighteen and never back home after 15 years.


8. To comply a quiz

Remember those quizzes that give you result on which country is suitable for you to go to? I guess most people do the quiz for fun and would not actually visit the country. But there are people who literally doing this, I met a traveler who did this and he eventually travels the world to find that the quiz he took wasn’t giving the true answer. However, he found his favorite country and he truly knows which country is suitable for him now.


9. To do crazy stuff

We travel to seek pleasure and enjoyment, perhaps you like to shopping and some likes to try all the food or maybe into photography. People whoa re into crazy stuff like bungee jump, diving, cliff jumping, slacklining, zip line, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, sand boarding and a lot more! Traveling is about doing all crazy stuff while you are still young!


10. To be a new person

It sounds strange but who wouldn’t want to be in somewhere where no one knows you? Traveling alone gives you time for yourself. In a foreign country where nobody knows you, you can totally be a new person and have a brand new start, just imagine walking on a street anonymously.